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veni. vidi. cepi

i came. i saw. i captured.


as an underground culture, it is our creed, “take nothing but pictures.  leave nothing but footprints.”  stepping into an abandoned space is stepping into the historical present.  all things fade away outside the tattered and peeling-paint walls, and boarded-up windows.   it is a compelling enticement to be unapologetically present while seeing, feeling, walking on, and breathing that which belongs to previous generations.  in a world of constant evolution, urban ruins serve as time capsules for exploration, discovery, study, and digital documentation.  slipping into the abandoned is the willing surrender of all things apart from that very present moment.  a moment where, i too, become forgotten inside the industrial decay, left unbothered by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.



hey there and welcome!  i encourage you to take a peek through my collection, as my words can barely graze the surface. 

i am a multi-discipline, documentary artist.  my first work began in the walls of a highschool classroom when i was sixteen.  after ‘ghost-hunting’ in an abandoned factory under moonlight, i became magnetically drawn to the structures left behind by our society.  a building’s history, current state, and unknown future became my newest obsession and it’s been ever-growing since.  i share my work as part of my own process of understanding the role these places serve in my life and beyond.  filled with memories i will never know, and the remnants of lives indefinitely altered, i am only prevue to what is physically left and emotionally felt.

this inner compulsion to archive directly feeds all aspects of my life; it is not by choice to create, it is who i am.

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